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Our Brake Repair Shop has been fixing brakes in Seminole and Pinellas County for 14 years.

A properly functioning brake system is essential for your safety, your passengers’ safety and the safety of other drivers.  Modern cars have complex anti-lock braking systems, and if you don’t properly maintain the system, it can cause the failure of some very expensive components.  Also, your braking system using friction pads (or shoes for brake drums on older cars), and these are normally wearing components.

Here are some Common Symptoms and the Likely Problem with Your Brakes.

Squealing Brakes:

Possibly low on brake pad material. Get your brakes checked soon.

Brakes Grind when applied:

Pads could be worn thru and backing plate grinding on the rotors. Get your brakes inspected right away!

Soft Brake Pedal or Pedal goes lower than normal or to the floor:

Brake fluid could be contaminated, brake master cylinder or caliper could be failing or fluid leak in the system. Get your brakes checked immediately!! Complete brake failure could happen!

Hummel Tire and Auto is the Best Place to Get Your Brakes Done

Every car owner wonders where is the best brake service near me, but we have many loyal customers who are willing to drive a little farther to come to get expert service at a fair price, with confidence that we never try to push unneeded repairs.

When your brake pads wear down, the friction material wears away and if you wait too long, then you have the metal backing plate grinding against the brake rotors.  This means that the brake rotor might then also need to be replaced, instead of just the pads.  Many cars have a little metal tab that is designed to scrape on the rotor and make a squealing noise when the pads need to be replaced.  So squealing while braking is your signal to come to see us.

If you hear any kind of grinding or scraping noises when you apply the brakes, or if the car pulls to one side under braking, come in right away for a check of the braking system.   The photo is an example of extreme neglect and shows that the entire brake rotor was worn away, revealing the internal cooling fins.  Please don’t ignore noises or you could end up with an expensive situation like this which could even be the cause of an accident. Waiting too long for a brake repair will end up costing you 2-3 times as much to fix compared to do doing proper brake service on time.

In addition, it is important to replace your brake fluid on a regular basis. Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture and that is why it turns brown.  Once it changes color like that, it can start to degrade the rubber components in the brake system like the master cylinder, wheel calipers and hoses. In addition, it can plug up the small passageways in the ABS braking controller.  All of these components are expensive to replace, and that can usually be avoided simply by flushing the brake system out on a regular basis.  Typically every 30,000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first.

Your search for the best brake service near me can stop here.  Just bring your vehicle to Hummel Tire and Auto.  We have been voted Best Repair facility in Pinellas for 14 years running, recognized by CarFax as a 5-star repair shop for 2020 and we were voted Business of the Year 2020 by Seminole Chamber of Commerce.  See our Google reviews!

And if you are worried about the cost of your brake system repair, ask us about our options for interest-free financing of your repairs.

In addition to brake repair service, we can handle all of your car maintenance needs, including:

  • Auto Air Conditioning and Heating Repair & Service
  • Belt Replacement
  • Shock or strut replacement
  • Routine Oil and other fluid Changes and Tune-Ups

And all of your Automotive Repair Needs.


If you have any questions, please give us a call at (727) 393-2216 or send us a message. We are eager to show you how much car brake repair expertise we have to offer! And remember, for braking system emergencies or just to schedule a normal appointment, call or request an appointment here.