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Are You Looking for Free or Cheap Towing in Pinellas County? Hummel Can Help!

If your car breaks down in Pinellas County, where is the best place to tow it for repairs?

And how can you get free or cheap towing to make this unpleasant situation a little better?

Have your car towed by Seminole Towing to Hummel Auto Repair at 8350 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, FL 33772, and we will save you money on your towing!

Here’s What To Do When You Need Cheap Towing in
Seminole, Largo, St. Petersburg or the Pinellas beaches

Call Seminole Towing at 727-391-5522
And Make Sure to Mention Hummel Auto Repair Sent You

You will receive FREE or DISCOUNTED Towing when they bring it to us.

We are a TechNet Service Center. Each time you spend $25 or more, you are eligible for this reimbursement through TechNet, the company. (Not Us).  If you are already one of our customers, then the Technet program offers reimbursable roadside assistance up to $150 back if you need it.  This covers Battery Jump Start, Emergency Fuel Delivery, Lock Out Aid, Flat Tire Assistance, or Towing. You submit your receipt to TechNet and they will reimburse you.

All tows from Seminole towing brought to us are discounted because we promote them.  Whether you are a new customer or not, everyone gets that discount from Seminole Towing just for mentioning Hummel Auto Repair.   On top of that, if we have already done a previous repair for you, then Technet will step in to offer that further reimbursement for the tow.  So, basically you can benefit 2 ways when you use Hummel!

Of course, if you bring your car into Hummel for all of your repairs and routine maintenance, you probably won’t need a tow truck – regardless of whether it is cheap or even free!  But, we want you to know that we have partnered with a great towing company and we will be able to repair your car and get you back on the road again if that unfortunate event happens where your car lets you down.

So, you no longer need to wonder about the best place to get cheap towing in Pinellas county. Just count on Hummel Auto Repair and Seminole Towing to get you back on the road quickly at a fair price!

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